Strategies to Help You Out from Making Landing Page Mistakes

By March 11, 2019 No Comments

Getting leads but failing in conversions? This is the common woe of entrepreneurs in the digital world. The landing page forms the core of your online business strategy and any mistakes in it will easily frustrate the customers.

If you want to avoid the landing page mistakes, read below to get an insight into the strategies to be adopted.

Have clear call-to-actions

The landing page must have at least one CTA. More than one will confuse the viewer even if you think that it will make their task easier. It is better to give one single option. Moreover, the positioning of the CTA is crucial to help it stand out from every other detail. The best example is when the CTA button is highlighted with a different stark contrast color when compared to the other heading and text. Use whitespace around the button so that it provides a nice buffer. You can also draw an arrow to the CTA button that brings the eyes of the viewer directly to it. Use effective words like ‘Try Now!’ and ‘Free Offer’ instead of ‘Sign-Up’. The sign-up form can be used as the secondary page after clicking on the landing page CTA.

Visual Effects

It is true that a visual impact is greater than a textual one. So the image that you will be using on the landing page has to be of high quality. It has to convey the message of what the viewer expects from the product. The image together with the headline and the subtext has to make a powerful statement so as to compel the viewer to stay on the page. Remember not to insert many words.

Align content of ads with the landing page content

If you are trying to sell a product through the ad, it makes no sense to make the service section of the site as the landing page. If your ad provides an offer, your landing page has to exactly match what your ad had promised. Keep the message consistent in the landing page so that viewers are assured of the ad message.

Target everyone differently

If you are selling a brand of clothes to women, then make a separate ad for it and let the landing page directly on to the women’s section. Design separate ad campaigns for different groups. This helps to make your landing page more specific and targeted. This will not only decrease the cost-per-conversion rates but also help you to find out which ad is more effective.

Increase loading speed

It is proven that a slow loading page means that you are losing out on potential customers. Even a second delay could mean that the viewer just opts out. So, even if your ad is impressive, a slow page could hinder your business prospects.

How do you increase the speed of the landing pages?

  • Compress the images
  • Minimize redirects wherever possible
  • Make your code well-organized and clutter-free
  • Upgrade the hosting services and opt for one that delivers better services with increased loading speed
  • Minimize JavaScript and CSS.
  • Use web caching so that viewers will at least be able to see the cached page immediately.
  • Conduct regular speed tests
  • Sign up to a content delivery network (CDN) that delivers page based on viewer location, the origin of the page and the server.

Test the page speed with the help of many available online tools. They not only tell you about the score but also analyze the reasons for slow page speed.

Minimal and clear landing page

Remember, your landing page has to be clutter-free. Use a Zen-like design that avoids friction for the viewer. Be creative with the landing page so that the conversion from the ad to it is seamless. The work of your landing page is to convince the viewer to buy the product within a few seconds and nothing more than that. So focus on the image, text, font, and CTA.

Let the viewers know what they will get

Your landing page has to sell the product from the viewer’s perspective. It is of no use if you just keep bragging about the benefits of the product. Rather write about how it will be useful for the viewer. The landing page should help them understand what they are going to get and not what you are offering to them.

Use effective headlines

Your landing page headline is the first impression of what the viewers get. It has to offer a solution to their problem or make them happy. Some examples of headlines to make the viewers happy are “Free templates with marketing software,” “We create ads that go viral.” Headlines that offer the solution to their problem are like “Make marketing easy with our proven techniques,” “Get rid of extra flab with these exercises.” The headline together with the subtitle should be clear and powerful to communicate the idea immediately and effectively.

Count on the mobile experience

Know that the mobile users are on the rise and if you are to target them then your landing page has to be responsive. The meaning of responsive is not mere grid alignment as per the device screen size. When you target a mobile page see to it that the navigation in uncluttered and there are easy to read fonts. Also, the CTA (Call-to-action) buttons should be cleverly placed so that it is easy for the user to sign-up or purchase on the site.

Let the customers trust you

A customer needs to trust you and the product before making a purchase. Show the product to a customer when you sell it. If you are selling a book, put an image of the front cover and an excerpt on the landing page so as to pique the interest of the viewers. If you are selling any software tool, upload the screenshot of one of its pages. Or you can insert a ‘watch video’ button next to CTA so that the viewer is assured that the product is genuine. Some other ways to win customer trust is to provide a free trial offer, money-back guarantee, free shipping and so on.


Landing page mistakes are a serious affair and are not to be treated lightly. After all, you are spending money on ads to make the viewers visit your site. Make extensive use of the analytics tool to know where you need to correct so as to get leads and conversions. Identifying the landing page mistakes and making changes will help you in increased conversions.